Pearls of Wisdom


Pearl #1


The single greatest impediment to your success is a lack of a clearly defined goal or goals.  Once defined, you must create your own road map to the Ways to help yourselfattainment of the goal.

This has been written down through the ages, so it is not some new age type of thinking or pie-in-the-sky philosophy.

I believe Napoleon Hill referred to it as “A definite chief aim” and he considered it absolutely essential to accomplishing your desires.

It is not easy to force yourself to sit down a write out clearly defined goals; but that is the easy part compared to laying the ground work to how they are going to be accomplished.

I believe in keeping a small note book handy.  I use it to write down my thoughts on goals.  I read this frequently to generate ways of working on these goals.  It is also wise to keep pen and paper near you when you are at leisure.

Thoughts are real things and they are fleeting.  If you think that you can write them down later, you will be sadly mistaken.  Sieze the moment of your inspiration because you might not get a second chance on that thought.

You can refer to these thoughts as your own personal Pearls of Wisdom.


2 thoughts on “Pearls of Wisdom”

  1. This was so inspirational Mike! Thank you so much for doing this. It is so important and thanks for the reminder that we have to have a chief aim, or we go nowhere.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel


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